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Monday, November 5, 2007

Who Is Real And Who Isn't

Could life on earth be a training simulation surrounding one person? Could that individual be the only truly sentient being on the planet? What would that make the rest of us? Phonies!

Do we think we're all sentient, but in reality we're not? Can someone having self-awareness be enough to call them sentient? Or does it take self-determinism to really be sentient?

In the simulation, maybe one guy or girl is both self-aware and in control of his destiny. But the rest of us, while self-aware, only think we can influence our lives. Instead, we're bound to a certain path that is more complex and difficult to understand than the 145th move of a chess master at the start of the game. Maybe the one person can understand the true nature and complexity of human causality, giving him or her the edge it takes to truly be sentient.

Does this person know they are any different than the rest of us? If they don't, could there be someone out there who is truly sentient? I think so... It could be you!

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