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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

IQ From Akashic Record?

I wonder if people are as smart as their connection with the pool of universal knowledge?

The conventional idea of intelligence, I think, is that the brain acts as a computer, storing and retrieving information. Smarter people can store and retrieve more data faster and more easily. But what if that's not it at all?

What if we are all able to tap into a higher intelligence that could answer any question we have, and that's how smarter people are so smart? What if they somehow connect more deeply and easily than other people?

What if the akashic record isn't from God or the spirit world, and isn't the collective knowledge of the entire universe, but is instead a sentient ultraintelligent computer built millions of years ago by aliens, and designed to be remotely accessed by sufficiently evolved beings?

What if we are just barely evolved enough to scratch the surface of tapping in?

Or, what if the computer is trying to send us info, but we're too far away?

And, what if in 2012, we create our own AI that hooks in for us, and makes the knowledge freely available on earth?

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