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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Are Aliens Easy To Reach, And Closer Than We Realize?

What if there are big, powerful, super-advanced creatures distantly out there, but so amazingly adept at telepathy and other psychic feats, that they are surprisingly easy to reach? What if someone's already linked up, and has since become terrified at the sheer domination they felt?

It's like coming up against some all-powerful foe and realizing the only reason you and your friends are alive is because the being doesn't yet have a reason to kill you. How terrifying.

What if the government already is aware of this, and realizes that any normal citizen confronted with this knowledge would realize that nothing on earth matters, because life as we know it is perpetually a button's press from ending? Knowledge like that could cause riots and massive civil disobedience.

If aliens do exist, I hope they exist on a level similar to our own, are open to cooperation, and aren't hostile.

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