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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Could Human Tech Be Misused Against Angels?

I wonder if it's possible for humanity to become so technologically capable as to rival the "gods" themselves?

I have come to assume that the higher a man "evolves," the greater his inclination to do good. However, certain advances can be made in one area without an enhancement of morality. Therefore, you can end up with someone who is very powerful, but also very selfish.

What if we as a society developed technology that could be capable of fighting, injuring, or destroying "higher" beings? These higher beings achieved their prowess through a total process of evolution that encompasses all aspects of their existence, including morality. So the unspoken rule is, "To become powerful, first you must become good." Well, what if we get powerful while still not-so-goodly in our earthly bodies? What then?

A war between earth and the Great Beyond? I hope not...

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