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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is Humankind Repeating Mistakes Eon After Eon?

There's a theory that says a long time ago, humanity reached a technological peak that is even higher than where we are today. Old texts from India can be interpreted as describing things like atomic bombs and thought-seeking weaponry. Ancient structures may have been created using that advanced technology. And what if our technology was our downfall?

I've heard that most of the Mass Extinction Events could theoretically be attributed to something along the lines of Global Warming. So what if our technology ruined the environment that way? Or what if there was a global catastrophic nuclear conflict? Either way, humanity would have been devastated, and after it comes out of hiding, it would have to start all over again, rebuilding civilization from the ground up.

Are we on that path? Are we going to destroy ourselves and then revert to a pre-industrial way of life? Is there a civilization that exists in the future that is much like our own, and not hyper-advanced, but only because we reset things at some point through major devastation?

I hope not. But then again, at least we'd live on.

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