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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dreams For Secret Psychic Training?

Could dreams be manipulated by some force or group to allow dreamers the opportunity to receive or practice psychic training? What if all dreams are being controlled to teach people how to use higher powers they haven't yet tapped into?

Some stories revolve around dreams being used to hypnotize and control people. If that can be done, why can't dreams also be used as instructional devices? Could someone learn how to do something special only in a dream?

What if the special dream preparation is not meant to be put to use in this world, but rather in the next, or on a higher plane? Or maybe on another planet? The place where dream training comes into play could give clues as to who or what is behind it. Could it be aliens? Ascended humans, higher beings, higher selves, ghosts, angels, demons, regular humans, government workers? Or any of these from another dimension? Or the past, or the future? Or maybe a sentient ultraintelligent supercomputer that exists out of time and calls itself SkyNet?

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