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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Next 5 Years Are REALLY Important

Most people probably think that December 21, 2012 is meaningless. Most people, I think, don't put too much stock in the Book of Revelations. But seeing what's going on in the world, the rising threat of nuclear war, rising Executive power, loss of personal all feels like things are coming to a head.

We are at the point where we really can engineer the Mark of the Beast. The Visa Check card is a step in that direction, with propaganda using the subtext of, "No, loser! Don't use cash!! Use this card..." Pretty soon it will be, "No, loser! Don't use that card!! Get a chip..."

I don't know if there's any way to avoid it. It just seems like too many people are working for a future that is possibly Armageddon-prone. Can't they see that? Maybe external forces have clouded their minds. Or maybe they just don't believe it's possible. I was pretty close to not worrying about it anymore myself.

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