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Friday, November 9, 2007

Is There A Subtle Structure To Life?

Sometimes things happen, and we don't know why. I think it's possible that at a higher level of intelligence, we could comprehend causality and destiny more effectively. What if things all do happen for a reason, and we just can't see it?

Some people are pretty set on why things are the way they are. "The cup is there because I put it there." But why did you put it there? What made you put it right there? What thoughts did you have?

Can people be constantly manipulated at the mental level in such a way as to cause them to set up things a certain way? What if we're all building a complex system of events, not because we want to or are aware of it, but for some other reason? And what if the final end to it all, the point, the meaning of everything, will be revealed sometime in the near future?


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