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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Meaning Of Life

What is it? I think it's threefold: to love, to have fun, and to master the power of intent and self-determination. But what if that's not it?

Could there be a higher plane in which our goals are much different than they are here? Is it even possible to comprehend our true goals? I once read a theory that the meaning of life is just to live and have life experiences.

Apparently each of us is really just one "player" living on behalf of a "higher self" that has two options. Either use many different players simultaneously, or use one over and over through reincarnation. Either way, the higher self gets the benefit of learning through the players and experiencing what they experience. Although to be honest, I don't understand the true purpose of that.

What's the point of just living, if your higher self doesn't care what quality of life you experience? And I personally don't enjoy the prospect of having to lose my identity once I die and rejoin some "collective." I'd like to remain self-aware for as long as possible, thank you (with the option of skipping prolonged torture).

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