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Monday, August 25, 2008

Galactic Federation of Light

I read a little bit about the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) recently. One version of the story of the GFL is that it is a race like humanity, but with highly evolved people who glow, and are powerful. This race may have altered ape DNA to make humans. This functions as an explanation for our evolutionary missing link.

If glowing human-like aliens exist, they could be an explanation for angels. There might even be an explanation for Jesus that doesn't rely on pure faith.

One of the GFL theories is that they'll be visiting the earth soon. Maybe in a large spaceship. That could explain parts of the Bible in which people will one day look up and see the kingdom of Heaven made manifest in the sky.

It's interesting to consider a highly advanced race that dwarfs us by comparison, especially when we're living in a pretty advanced age ourselves. In just a few decades, even without overt alien influence, we'll have made some pretty impressive strides.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

On The Verge Of The Truth, Thanks To The iPhone

...And devices like it.

If human eyes can see aliens and ghosts, then shouldn't camera footage be able to capture them too? I think so.

Sure, one might argue that the human brain is capable of perceiving much more than just light with our eyes, but I think that just light is enough.

How long will it be until a sighting of some creature will be captured via cell phone, hand-held camcorder, digital device, or whatever?

Post it to YouTube, get a few million hits, and BAM! Mass hysteria!!

People have been trying to share the truth (I'm assuming not all of those videos are hoaxes) for some time, and there hasn't been mass panic yet. Maybe the government/corporations/corporate government has to give the media permission first, and then Fox News will air its Extreme Alien Close-Up report -- tonight at 11!

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