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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Noah's Ark To Explain Pre-History Polar Melting?

What if Noah didn't really build an ark, but something else was done to protect the species of earth? What if our technology was advanced back then, and global warming melted all the polar ice caps? Disasters happened worldwide, and the survivors couldn't effectively preserve their civilization. Then their children tried to teach the story to the later generations, but because they didn't understand parts, they reworked and reworded them so as to be easier to grasp.

Maybe Noah was an artificially intelligent space station (N.O.A.H.) that transported animals from one location to another. Then the inheritors of "flood world" figured that Noah was really a man, who made such a device. Eventually the space station was confused and became a wooden ship. Or maybe something entirely different had happened, but the story devolved in a similar manner.

Is there advanced technology hidden deep underground? Has the government found any of it? Are there survivors of a pre-history society that have left earth and periodically come back to check on us?

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