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Thursday, November 22, 2007

80-200 Generations Since Christ

Between Year 0 and 2000 A.D., there's been 2000 years. Of course. Since people in ancient times had kids at a very young age, maybe even as early as 10-12 years, and many people nowadays have kids at around age 25, that makes the span of a generation vary from around 10 to around 25 years. So 2000 / 10 = 200 generations, and 2000 / 25 = 80 generations since Christ.

Wow! Between 80 and 200 generations. That doesn't seem so long! You're born. Then you have a kid. Then he/she has a kid. That's 3. Just keep going until you get to 200 at the most. But instead, go backwards. You were born, your parents, your grandparents...

I wonder if Christ left any descendants, as depicted in various modern novels? Is the general populous ready for (or needing) his return? Or has genetic mutation and evolution given us certain Christ-like potential? Are we capable of becoming more? Or is it more a matter of spirituality? Or maybe instead, technology?

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