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Monday, November 12, 2007

Telepathy = Efficiency

Can you imagine how much more incredibly productive you and your coworkers or classmates could be if you were all able to communicate telepathically? There'd never be any misunderstandings again! You'd easily be able to articulate and understand everybody's desires, needs, and desperations. A leader could communicate a goal to everyone at once, clearly, and you could all communicate to each other what needed to be done to best achieve that goal.

Two heads are better than one. How about ten heads? Maybe Rick can do something better than Jesse, but he just hasn't been given the opportunity. With telepathy, delegation is a snap. Someone realizes something new must be done, and immediately the person in the best position to accomplish the new task is notified and put to work. What could be better?

It's like working with a hive mentality, but even better. Everyone still has free will. Individuality is somehow heightened when everybody can share at a mental level. And if one person learns something, everybody does. So if everybody takes the time to learn a new word each day, everybody also learns 9 other words as well. Amazing. So the question is, will this phenomenon arise naturally, through biology, or artificially, through biotechnology? Or maybe through spiritual means?

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