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Friday, November 30, 2007

Survival Makes You Fittest, "The One" Style

At, there's a post about how what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. According to Jet Li's "The One," if you die in one dimension, the yous in the other dimensions become stronger. And since things that don't happen in your dimension do happen in others, it makes things interesting, especially when you almost die here.

According to modern theory, for every outcome of an event, there is a dimension. So if you're in a car crash, and you barely survive, there's a dimension where you died from loss of blood. There's one where you had brain trauma, went into a prolonged coma, and then died. There's also where you survived, slipped on a banana peel walking home, hit your head, and died.

But you're still alive in this dimension, right? And according to "The One," since those other yous died, you must be stronger! So goes the theory... The more "close calls" you have, the more powerful you become!

Of course, there are obvious flaws with the idea, and besides that, "The One" was just a movie! So play it safe, and wear a helmet. All the time. Even in the shower.

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