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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Can We Revive The Dead With Nanotech?

Monday, on "Heroes," a guy got shot in the head. Died. Then later, with rejuvenative blood, he was revived. His eye grew back. His tissues were nourished. His brain was restored. His memory was intact.

Earlier in the series, it was explained that the ability to heal can allow someone to regain lost memories. I'm wondering if this carries over into the real world.

If we had nanotechnology that could allow us to infuse a living body with tiny machines that repair damaged cells and tissues, could we use that same technology on a corpse and obtain spectacular results? What happens when someone's been dead a day? Can the nanobots still revive them? What about after a month? A year? A decade?

Would someone revived immediately remember the last thing that happened to them? Would the nature of the technology and the restorative functions be such that the brain is brought back to its previous state, memories and all?

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