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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Can Destiny Be Comprehended?

Is destiny something that would truly make sense to us at this level of being? Assuming there is a higher level where things on earth can be put into a greater context, must we first understand that context before understanding our destiny? Is the reason we lead the lives we do based in this world, or the next?

Can we decide our own destiny? Is it for our benefit, or for others? Or is it for the benefit of beings we won't meet until after we die? Or is it for the good of the universe? Does the Devil try to twist our path of destiny? Do angels come to our aid?

If a man decided his destiny, was absolutely sure, and saw it through to fulfillment, would he be rewarded in the afterlife? Or would they say, "You got it wrong!" Maybe he'd get a pat on the back.

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