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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Do Immortals Exist? Do They Live Among Us?

There can be only one!

But seriously, I wonder if there is anyone out there who has lived a lot longer than 120 years, and who still looks good?

Not just a vampire. Not just someone who's been frozen. Not someone in teleporter stasis. Not someone who's traveled at the speed of light. Not a time traveler.

Someone who just doesn't age, and has avoided a violent death.

What would they be like? I'll be they'd be exceedingly smooth-talkers, and well-versed in all subjects. A genius, maybe?

Or instead, can the human brain only hold so much knowledge?

I think it can hold at least a few lifetimes' worth.

An immortal would probably be very in control of their destiny, and rich if they so desired. Working to influence society? Working to help us further our technology? Or hindering us for some reason? Perhaps an immortal is working to prevent nuclear catastrophe.

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Ben Abba Personal Blog said...

Yes they do.

I found your posting on the search engine; and found it to be very thought provoking. Perhaps you will find my blog on this subject equally interesting.

Check out my blog at as I detail my encounter with a man who I fully believe is one of these immortals.

Ben Abba

Ben Abba said...

I need to correst my blog link. Again it is at

em cullen said...

i have read stuff over and over and i'm not getting my answers

i want to know do immortals seriously exist?
vampires? anything?
if so how can i become immortal?is there any way?
i am terrified of death, i can not bare the thought.

Ben Abba said...

I have tried to answer questions like yours on various forums and blogs such as my main blog at and my main podcast channel podcast channel; however the best I can do is leave "short answers" without as much content I feel I need to completely answer the question.

So I have decided to write everything I have found, over several years, into a series of books, to thoroughly answer questions like yours. My first soon-to-be-released book will be called "Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History".

Again the short answers to your questions:

1. Yes, immortals seriously exist

2. None that I know of are vampires. In fact, I have yet to meet a real "vampire".

3. Yes, anyone can become an immortal by just changing your programming.

4. All of the immortals that I know of have no fear of death. In fact they believe death is a choice not a predestined event.

I hope this helps!

Chris said...

Ben Abba@ can yu e-mail me at

anonymous said...

being an actual immortal I can say that yes we are out there. no we do not have any powers of any kind. we just simply exist and wish to continue our silent existence. We do not live forever. I am currently 208 and have no idea how long I will live for. And for any humans who think its so fucking great think about how it feels watching your first wife dwindle into nothingness while u sit there and feel the sting of mortality for the first time because you didn't listen to your parents when they tell you it will break your heart forever and believe me it does. Unless you marry another with the gene trait your kids may or may not possess to life span. I have never had kids. Never will. I could never bear to bring another into this world knowing the pain you will endure. It can be fun but the cons outweigh the pros so please stop wondering about us and leave us alone. Understand this is not a gift. It is a rare genetic mutation I'm sure modern science will be replicating soon so your race can take advantage of more than you already do now in your short lives. Believe me don't believe me I could care less at this point. Please do not try and contact me in any way. Hope this settles your little debate

jimmythizzle said...

Dude you should be in a fucking lunie ben you need help if you think your over 200 yesrs old get real ass hole.

jimmythizzle said...

P.s you think your immortal let me come to you and put a desert egeal to your fucking head hen we will see asshole.

jimmythizzle said...

Dude you should be in a fucking lunie ben you need help if you think your over 200 yesrs old get real ass hole.

jimmythizzle said...

Dude you should be in a fucking lunie ben you need help if you think your over 200 yesrs old get real ass hole.