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Friday, November 23, 2007

Infinite Lives On Earth?

What if at some point in your life, you immediately shift to a new life, where you're born, grow old, and die? Then, once you die in your new life, you return to that precise moment of your old life from where you left? This could be done for various reasons, and might have to do with needing more experience before continuing in your "main" life.

Could we do such a thing? If we could, could we consciously control it? If we could do that, we'd never need to revert to the "original" life. Near the end of one life, while still alive, you could start a new one. Near the end of that life, start another new life. And so on and so forth. At some point, you might decide, I'll just finish things up, and allow the furthest life to end naturally, and then the preceding to finish, and so on, until you're back to your "main" life, where you die and move on to the unknown. But if you didn't feel like facing the unknown, you could keep creating new lives every time you were close to death in one of them.

Could our current life be like that? When we die, do we pick up where we left off in our "higher" life?

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