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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Is Society Itself A Want Or A Need?

It might have been in The Lord Of The Flies in which I read how society is described by some as being necessary to keep order. Some people fully believe that without society to keep us all in line, chaos will result. I actually think the opposite is true. I believe that society results from chaos.

If there were no government and no rules, I think the most intelligent people would find it necessary, as we already have, to create a system of rules that when abided by, make things easier. Humans create structure where it is necessary, but because they want to.

If chaos would truly be the outcome in the absence of societal structure, then that would mean society could never reform once anarchy sets in. And history has proven time and again that anarchy is always followed by a period of rebuilding, and a new book of rules.

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