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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Infinite Life Out There, Or Just Infinite Space?

My current understanding of the universe leads me to believe that there is a vast, though finite amount of matter expanding outward from a certain point somewhere, in an unlimited amount of space. So it's basically like a dark room, with a random explosion in the middle (vertical middle, too) and the blast never hits the walls, because the room is infinitely big. All the dust and debris is finite, as is the stuff in the universe. Or is it?

If there is infinite space, why not infinite matter as well? What if there were another Big Bang at some point? Let's call the size of the current universe (just where the matter is) One Room. So what if Three Rooms over, but still in our spacial universe, there's a whole other ball of expanding mass? What if there's an infinite number of those, all within our one universe? Could there be an infinite number of species out there? An infinite number of civilizations made up of sentient beings?

I wonder...

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