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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Where Does The Soul Go When You Teleport?

In "Star Trek" Kirk and Co. often teleported their physical bodies from ship to location to ship and so forth as a means of efficient travel. But the process begs the question: When the body is disassembled, where is the soul?

I'm thinking that if Kirk's body were to be disassembled and stored in the teleportation "cache," his soul might experience an "out of body" type situation. But on the show, teleportation only takes a few seconds, so any strange moments experienced by the soul must not be long enough to make an impact.

However, I do believe there was an episode in a recent version of the series in which an older Scotty was discovered as having been stuck in the cache for around 80 (I'm guessing) years. He made no mention of any experiences that didn't involve his physical body. So maybe an out of body experience can only be remembered when it occurs naturally, and not when it is imposed via teleportation.

My theory on the soul is that the brain picks it up like a radio signal. Say your "higher self" is sitting at a computer playing a video game. In the video game, your "higher self" is represented as a robot. Earth is the game, your body is the robot, and the signal from your "higher self" to your body is your soul. Or you could say your body is like a radio that can walk and talk. Well, that's my theory anyway.

So when the body is disassembled, there is no "outlet" for the soul, and the signal just hangs out doing nothing. Then when the body is reassembled, the soul recognizes it wherever it is, and snaps back into place. When you finally die, my guess is that the soul returns to the "higher self."

This was just a theory I had, which goes against the idea of a soul behaving like a hologram that lives inside you. But now that I think about that idea, I might actually like it more. Hmm... I guess that's the problem with unresolved questions.

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