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Thursday, October 25, 2007

When The Evil Genie Asks, What Should You Wish For?

Have you ever heard of the evil genie who grants you wishes, only to manipulate the outcome so that while your wishes technically do come true, they result in a personal Hell for you? Do you wish there was a way you could finally get the best of some such evil wishmaster? Well now you can!

Let's say you wish for incredible wealth. Maybe the genie kills a beloved relative so you can collect the inheritance. Lame! Ok, so instead of money, you wish to be happy! The genie gives you a lobotomy to make you THINK you're happy. Weak! Ok, this time you've got him. You wish to be a genie! But then you're stuck granting other people's wishes forever. Super weak!

What's the solution? One single wish. No, it's not for more wishes. Still don't know? Wish for omnipotence.

If the genie provides no boundaries for what you can wish for, then wishing to be all-powerful is your best bet. Once you're omnipotent, the genie won't be able to mess with you, since you'll be as or more powerful than he is. And, if you get bored having no challenges to overcome, now that you're practically a god, you could always return to you old life, but modified a bit so that the exact wishes you would have wanted come true in a good way.

But then this begs two questions: Is the genie all-powerful himself? And if not, can a non-omnipotent being grant another omnipotence?

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