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Sunday, October 14, 2007

What Happens To The Immortals At The End Of Time

I think if you could live forever, you'd eventually meet extraterrestrials and encounter time travel and interdimensional gateway technology. So many people argue that, "No, I wouldn't wanna live forever 'cause the earth will explode and the universe will stretch itself apart and there won't be anymore stuff." Well I think an interesting way around that would be to either go back in time to early alien civilization, or go to another universe in which life goes on. Or ascend.

There are stories of Bible characters who don't die through ordinary means, but rather ascend to a higher plane. I think an immortal would have the opportunity to "cross over" not because time's up he's dead, but rather because he completed "level earth" and gets promoted to "level beyond." But that would only work if there was some beyond. Given all I've seen and heard, I'm inclined to lean towards, "Yes, Virginia, there is an afterlife."

So is immortality a bad thing, given that the earth and universe aren't immortal? Not really, as long as you've got your options...

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