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Friday, October 19, 2007

Can You Physically Enter Heaven?

The normal way to get into Heaven is to lead a good life, and then die. But what if you could physically enter Heaven without dying? Could you then return to earth?

I've read about various Biblical character, prophets and such, who were able to "ascend" to Heaven without dying. If I remember correctly, one of them was swept up to Heaven in a tornado of some kind. They physically went to the afterlife.

I once read a book that is fiction based on nonfiction called, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. In it, a highly-evolved man of 90+ years educates a college student as to the higher meanings in life. This old man is still fit and capable of doing everything a fit man of 50+ years could do. And more. At the end, it seems he either disintegrates, spontaneously combusts, is teleported somewhere, or ascends to the next plane of reality.

What happens is he goes into a room, closes the door behind him, and then ZAP! A brief flash of light can be seen coming out from under the door. When the door is opened, he is no longer there.

If we take really good care of ourselves, and achieve some form of enlightenment before dying, will we be able to get into Heaven without having our physical lives end?

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