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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Theory: All Memories Are Implants

What if every moment of your life, every bit you could remember, had been mapped out by some external system, so that all the details of your existence were a sham? That would mean that you could never be sure of what's already happened, only what is happening. But we interpret the present through the lense of the past. So that means that if we can't be sure of our past, we can't be sure of the present either.

What if our memories are implants, but the situation also goes one step beyond that? What if the moments of the present are implants as well? Are we participating in each moment, truly? Or is each "decision" we make predetermined and thrust upon us? What if we're just going along for the ride, but to make things more interesting, we are fooled into believing that we can exert some control over the quality of the ride?

What if in the future, scientists invent a sort of VR escape in which we can live the lives of TV and movie heroes as if we are those people? What if the VR allows us to experience entire lifetimes in a matter of moments? What if after a while we get bored with the idealistic types and start using the VR on "normal" people? What if we're in the VR right now?

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