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Monday, October 29, 2007

Belief In The Unknown VS. Self-Delusion

Sometimes I wonder at how funny beliefs in intangible things can seem. It's like, "If I don't believe, then I'm a lost soul. But if I do believe in something with no physical proof, I've got an overactive imagination. Which side is right?"

You can keep an open mind, but I think if you move to heavily toward one end of the scale or the other, problems can happen. You need to be grounded in the reality we all know to be true. But also, just in case, you need to be open to the possibility that there's another hidden level that is keeping score.

It's like professional athletes and superstition. I did X, Y, and Z, and we won the game. From now on, I'll keep doing X, Y, and Z. I admit I don't know everything, and that it's possible that X, Y, and Z really could somehow be connected to winning. So rather than focus on a tangible cause-and-effect situation, I will believe in (have faith in) the potential for a cause-and-effect situation.

Instead of learning, "2+2=4. That is a fact," you might otherwise think, "2+2 might equal 4, so I'll plan for that." But sometimes the only reason you plan for something is because you yourself decide that it's a possibility. You could have decided to plan for 2 + 2 equaling 5, or -1, or infinity, after all. And if you decide that a lot of weird, random things are possible, your life becomes weird and random, but only because of the actions you take to prepare for all the things that really, you just made up.

Bottom line: Moderation must exist between cold hard reality and the outer limits of the imagination.

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