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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sending Advice Back Through Time: A Bad Idea

I've read stories about people who've randomly traveled through time, without trying to do so. Think of this: You're walking along, doing whatever you need to do, when all of a sudden your body feels cold. You pause for a moment, look down, and when you look up again it's the 1800's. What do you do?

Run to the post office and mail a letter!

Can you imagine if incidents of random time travel actually occurred? What if that explains many sightings of ghosts? A ghost might be a reluctant visitor from the future.

So now imagine this. Somewhere out there, someone is so obsessed with random time travel that they write a letter to someone in the past with instructions on how to accumulate a vast amount of wealth in the writer's name. Then the person goes around the world visiting areas where supposed time travel events have occurred. It just so happens he goes through a rift, drops the letter in the past, and returns to the present. But is it the same present-day reality he just left?

If I found a letter with instructions to open an account in someone else's name, accompanied by some interesting investment tips, I might just follow those tips myself. So the guy with the envelope made someone rich, and may have changed history, but he did not necessarily benefit himself at all.

My take on this matter is that it is far too dangerous to simply mail such powerful information to the past. You never know the hands it might fall into.

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