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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Two Breeds Of Human: Regular And Super

This article explains an idea coming from an evolutionary theorist which details the future of mankind. According to the theory, by the year 3000, we will have achieved our physical pinnacle, after which some of us will "regress" to a goblin-like state, at which point the goblins will be ruled by the attractive, intelligent, and wealthy elite.

The whole idea was first laid out in H. G. Wells' The Time Machine, but the theorist seems to think there's something to it. Here's what I don't get: Why would anyone who "peaked" allow themselves to fall? I think the theory should be adjusted.

Instead of us peaking first and then regressing to create two separate groups, I think we should expect one group among us to peak while the other just kind of hangs out. It's like taking a look at society, and then guessing what things will be like in a hundred years.

Right now there are wealthy, overly successful people, and there are average people. The wealthy can pay for surgery to become attractive. In the future, maybe they can buy genetic modification so their children are born good-looking, and stronger and smarter. If only the rich can modify their genes, then the progeny of today's rich will be tomorrow's ruling class, modified to be superior in strength, intelligence, and appearance. Meanwhile, the average people are left behind because they can't afford the modifications.

Bingo. Two separate classes. Eventually the "super" people could so outclass the "regulars" as to enslave them. Let's hope it doesn't come down to that!

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