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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Don't Be Alarmed If Tomorrow An Alternate Version Of Yourself Visits

According to scientists, for every outcome of an event, there is a unique and separate universe in which that specific outcome unfolds. So theoretically, there's a universe in which Jesus has already returned and saved humanity. There's a universe in which the Nazi's won, and aliens subsequently destroyed the world. And there's a universe in which you (yes, YOU!) have access to interdimensional travel, and are at this moment planning a trip to deliver Ten Million Dollars in US currency (which matches the US currency of this universe) to this reality's version of you.

That's right. Somewhere out there in the multiverse, you struck it rich, and tomorrow will share some of your universal wealth with yourself. So tomorrow you're going to be a millionaire!!

But that also means that there's a universe like that for each of us. So tomorrow the world's economy will be destroyed by an influx of 10 million dollars per person. Let's see, 6 billion earth citizens, times 10 million dollars per earth citizen, equals 6 billion times 10 million new dollars, equals 6 trillion times 10 thousand dollars, equals 6 quadrillion times 10 new dollars, equals 60 Quadrillion Dollars!!! Which will severely devalue the currency, causing everyone to be pretty much -- equal. So no one's rich...Oh well...

Except in another universe...

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