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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Absolute Power Corrupts? I Think Not...

If you were omnipotent, you'd also be omniscient, since being omnipotent you'd have power over your intelligence. When you have power over all things, you can create what you yourself need, without hurting anybody else. You have that power. And you'd also know and be aware that things are better when you take care of others. So you wouldn't be a bad person (or god).

When you're omnipotent and omniscient, you probably feel a connection with all things, since you understand everything about everything so completely. And I think once anyone reaches a high enough point of intelligence, they come to realize that collaboration and goodness is a truer goal than selfish revelry.

Someone with power on earth could easily be corrupted, sure, but that's just because they're human. They're not anywhere near being absolutely powerful. And if you think of God as an example for what someone who's omnipotent does, His actions are subtly benevolent (according to the beliefs of many). It is thought that he shapes and alters the course of history in small ways, to best benefit mankind. So would you, I imagine, if you were omnipotent.

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