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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ambition In The Afterlife

Once we die, do we naturally lose our ambition to grow and do? Or do we maintain it, and get whisked off to a reality to separate from that of living on earth, so that our ambitions never interfere with the lives of the living?

Are ghosts real? Are they ambitious spirits that have definite concrete logical goals, which entail harassing people during the darkest of nights?

Is there any reason to be ambitious in Heaven? Some say Heaven is a paradise, a place of eternal happiness and joy, where we want for nothing, and can exist with friends and family in peace forever.

Would that mean that Hell is a place of ambition? The demons and spirits sentenced to an afterlife in prison would theoretically desire very much to escape and find their way to a better place. Could angels be ambitious in the area of preventing that?

If reincarnation exists, are afterlife ambitions played out when a spirit says, "I want to do X, so I'll live the live of Mike Smith"?

What's there to do once we die? What's on the schedule?

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