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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

God, Heaven, and Dimensions

I've read that some people believe humans are the spirit incarnations in a 3-D environment of multi-dimensional beings who like games and puzzles. Apparently, our higher selves created the universe as a complex game. Complex not because of the 3-D materials, but because it was so limiting that many of us forgot how to "rise out of it." Once someone does that, they can come back and help out, or stay out and do I know not what.

What if these truly are the end times? I really like where technology seems to be headed, and the idea of a global civilization vastly improved by advanced machinery, so I enjoy looking past the Millennium 2012 theories. But I also wonder -- if these are the end times, then that would mean that we all are such "poor" players in the game of 3-D life that we need to be pulled out by an external force.

It's like the VR Man came to town and gave all the kids VR Video Games for free, and they all forgot they were wearing them, and so their parents have to drag them out of the Alternate Reality and back to the Real World in time for dinner. Hmm...I wonder what we're having?

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