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Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Time Of Spiritual Enlightenment?

I read recently that some people feel a sort of "gathering" is taking place, not unlike the one depicted in the various Highlander movies. Apparently, those "in the know" are being sent a message that, "The time is near." Maybe it's because I don't recall hearing this message myself, but it sounds like some people are reliving what many went through in the 1970's.

"It's the age of Aquarius! Everything is changing! Everything is so deeply profound now!"

I think it's really part of the human condition expressing itself on an individual level. Everybody is "waiting for something to happen," but only because we're designed that way. It's probably not because the time has finally arrived, since throughout history there have always been people and movements focused on how important "now" is (or was).

We all want (or need) to believe that there's something special about us, and what better way than to say, "Hey, I'm a member of the generation that finally achieves enlightenment just before the world goes BOOM!"

But I could be wrong...

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