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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Did Humans Hinder Their Own Evolution By Burning Witches?

It seems like throughout the centuries, some people have been spontaneously developing special abilities, and have been persecuted for it. Geniuses were declared insane and their ideas were laughed at. Witches were put on trial and burned, drowned, hanged, thrown off cliffs, or banished. Could humanity be further along, evolutionarily speaking? Is it our own fault that we're not?

When someone can do something that someone else can't, that person should help others learn to progress. Instead, often history tells us that the opposite happens. The majority eliminates an advanced individual.

In shows like, "Smallville," characters like Lex Luthor know better. Lex seeks to harness the power that separates normal people from godlike supermen. Lex already has the technology at his disposal (Kryptonite weaponry could easily be achieved on his part) to eliminate Kryptonian residents from Smallville. Instead, he seeks to learn and understand. Maybe he's a witch!

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