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Friday, October 12, 2007

Earth Is To Krypton As Some Other Planet Is To Earth

I once heard that Superman came from a civilization whose folly arose when they went too far with genetic self-modification. I've also heard various other (more mainstream?) reasons why their world ended. The planet exploded, for reasons ranging from planetary in origin to political. But if you put that aside, and think about the Kryptonian abilities, things can get interesting.

Clark Kent has powers, derived from our yellow sun. He came from a world with a red sun. What if there's a planet out there with human-looking people, but a different colored sun? Could we yellow-suners move their and become a race of supers?

If scientists found a method in which shining a specific wavelength of light on an individual could endow him or her with super powers, we'd suddenly have a lot to deal with. What if sudden societal changes arising from too easily-obtained super powers are exactly what brought Krypton to ruin? How can we avoid that here? Even if we don't develop a special beam of light, our technology seems to be advancing at such a rapid pace that any day now we're going to have people with new and unique talents that will shake things up. Hopefully we'll know how to deal better than the wise folks of Krypton.

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