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Friday, December 14, 2007

Time Dilation A Trick Of Memory

You've heard of the race car driver who crashed into a wall, right? He says time seemed to slow down just before he hit. Things moved slowly. Did time really slow down?

No, according to Yahoo. People were tested while falling in a scary, adrenaline-pumping situation to see if they could see numbers on their watch changing rapidly. They couldn't. It still felt like time slowed down for them when scared, though. Why?

The memory works overtime when we're under major stress. It lays down an extra set of memories. When we look back and find a lot of memories associated with an event, we tend to overestimate how long it took. "Wow, so much detail. Must have been really long and drawn out."

But I still think the human brain can rev up and go supersonic. I wonder how...

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