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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is The Subtle Level To Reality A Lie?

There's a theory that the logical, material level of reality that the Western world has triumphed in is really inhibitory in a spiritual sense. Apparently, to get ahead spiritually, we are supposed to give up all of our possessions and take peyote. I say no!

There are some people who think in abstract terms, and expect others to make the same connections they do through ethereal magic, and not logic. But there's no power there. There's no proven success. All there is is the theory that "turning off logic" will yield superior results. That doesn't make sense.

You can feel and imagine things so clearly, you'd swear they were real. But if you can't systematically communicate your perceptions to others, you're cut off. Even if telepathy and a collective unconscious do exist, mastery of those things eludes us, so to say you plan on making use of them is ludicrous. The instructions haven't even been written yet.

Saying you'll rely on fate to succeed is hypocrisy. What ends up happening is you go with the flow, and justify the results you get from doing nothing. Success is never guaranteed, but when you do nothing, it usually becomes nearly impossible.

You can succeed and say it was fate, but only if you act on the possibilities around you. You could argue that opportunities were placed in your path by fate. But if you didn't even try, that's not fate's will. That's your lack thereof.

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