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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Is Consciousness Changing?

Will we as a society transform in the near future? Is the way we perceive the world fundamentally altering itself? Are we slowly moving toward a new level of awareness?

If the way we view reality changes, then perhaps we'll reorganize ourselves socially.

What will the shift in consciousness entail? Psychic powers? A collective? Peace, love and happiness?

"Take your pick"

All right!

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Ben Abba said...

I can forsee an enormous change in consciousness; with you and I taking a part in making this change take place. When society realizes that there are immortals living among us and that physical immortality is possible then you will see a big change in the way way we live life. This will include in the what we say along with what we eat. Much of our society depends on death and the fear of death for their livelihood. What will happen to society if death becomes a choice and not a predetermined event?

For more information on my efforts to change our consciousness about immortality, check out my blog at

Guy said...

Sounds good. I've been open to the idea of a technological revolution that allows us to repair our bodies and live indefinitely that way. But to hear that people have already achieved immortality through some other means is incredible.