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Monday, December 17, 2007

Can An Idea Create A Black Hole?

I saw a funny picture recently. A man is standing in a pool of water, next to an open sewer. The water is flowing around him into the hole. It almost looks as if reality itself is draining away into a singularity. The caption reads: "You Son of a B*****. You divided by zero, didn't you?"

I thought it was hilarious. But it got me thinking, could there be an idea so powerful that it causes a black hole? Could thinking it wire the brain in such a way as to cause something tremendously powerful to happen?

Could a thought cause someone to spontaneously combust? Could a thought cause a nuclear explosion?

Someone thinks the H-Bomb thought, then is canceled out by a Black Hole thought from someone else, and a third person stops the black hole by yelling, "Hey, imagine you're on fire!"

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Aileni said...

If you believe in magic - yes.

Tmk said...

haha hilarious indeed