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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Could We Visit Movie Worlds?

If parallel universes are real, and anything and everything is possible in them, then every movie ever made exists somewhere, real in some parallel universe, right? So then we can visit them!

Can you imagine what it would be like to visit "Terminator" world, or "Heroes" world? If you went to a world where they'd solved some incredible problem, like how to create AI, or how to cure death, or how to give someone super powers, you could take that technology or other solution back to your world!

You could visit a universe with the fountain of youth and bring it back. Or visit a world with a learning machine and become the smartest person alive before returning. But wait, why come back at all?

You and a few friends could go on adventures in parallel universes to your hearts' content. If you found the keys to immortality and time travel, you could explore for centuries, and then time travel back to the moment after you left, and return home, to this world. Neato!

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