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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Is Our Technology The Result Of Time Travel?

"JourneyMan" recently aired an episode in which a brand new digital camera from 2007 was left and found in 1983. It was studied, and the technology was used to create a rapid technological breakthrough that propelled past industries beyond our present level. JourneyMan returned to the present to find paper-thin computer screens, holographic PC projections, and nanotech-infused office equipment. The technology was amazing, but presented as blasphemous, because the changes had also erased JM's son.

Before everything was resolved, I saw some technology commercials that seemed to fit right in with the show. I wondered if we've got technology that we shouldn't. Do we have advanced tech because of time travel? Was it accidental, or intentional?

I once saw a show or read a story where the creation of time travel was considered a bad thing, because there was no longer any innovation. People would travel from the future to the past and keep making discoveries earlier and earlier, until everything already exists all the time. It sounded like a very scary scenario. It's freaky to wonder if we've got computers because someone violated a time travel mandate. Could it be true?

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