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Friday, December 7, 2007

Angels And Demons Are Alien Enemies

What if one planet has highly-evolved glowing humanoids who are benevolent and caring? Another planet has reptilian demons with tough skin and horns atop ugly heads. These creatures are warriors, and demand universal domination. Angels keep them in line.

What if both societies are so far along that they can tap into human consciousness and influence our decisions? Angels may believe it best not to interfere unless to combat demons. Demons, on the other hand, love manipulating humans, as each act of manipulation furthers their overall cause of making us into malleable slaves.

When someone says, "The devil made me do it," they may more often than not be lying, using a traditional claim to cover personal wrongdoing. But on some rare occasions, maybe a devil, a demon, did bend a human to its will?

What if the demons really are offshoots of the angels, and reached their current physical state through genetic modification? Could the modifications have been involuntarily imposed as punishment for overambition and interfering in lesser races?

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