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Monday, June 2, 2008

Mankind To Be "Uplifted" In 2012?

I've recently read about uplifting, whereby a highly advanced race of beings alters a lower creature to bring it into a higher state of evolution. So if you could give a dog the ability to think, to reason, to do the "I am" thing, then you'd be uplifting it.

There are stories of Gods visiting man, and I remember reading about an old guy with an elongated skull, leading a Mayan community. Could he be from an advanced race, sent here to uplift us in a technological sense? What if the 2012 date is his return? Or that of his race?

Will "higher" beings come to earth in December of 2012 and alter us? Bring us to a higher level of awareness? Of evolution?

It seems that we are approaching the point where we could uplift ourselves using our own technology. Perhaps a "higher" race wants us to "get it right" the first time, and skip all the trial and error that we'd inevitably experience before achieving a truly great form of uplifted humanity.

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