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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Aging, Immortality, and Evil

I've usually thought of aging as an evolutionary step which provides younger offspring a better shot at limited resources by killing off the older generation.

Since our technology allows us to harvest resources in mass quantities now, what's the point of growing old?

So many atheists argue that there is nothing after death, and there is no evidence of an afterlife. So why not use science to make humans functionally immortal in the physical plane?

But what if... What if as we grow older, the means of getting away with wrongdoings become simpler and simpler? Experience builds, while physical potential decays. So what if giving a man the fountain of youth would simply enable him to misbehave?

I was wondering why it seems that the rowdiness of youth seems to dissipate as we grow older. What if eternal youth means eternal rowdiness, eternal sin, and eternal idiocy?

A comforting counter-argument hinges on the idea that the older you become, the more naturally spiritual you become (as well as kind and cooperative). Subtle lessons regarding how to tap into a higher plan or another realm are learned over years, so what if instead of ensuring infinite stupidity, immortality allows humans to reach bold new spiritual peaks?

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