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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can Hypnosis Generate Fake Memories?

I recently watched an Alien Abduction Confessions episode, and it showed how a woman was using hypnosis to "recall" "suppressed memories" about how she'd been abducted as a girl. Could there be another explanation?

Sometimes a dream seems so vivid, it appears real. During dreams, the memory is altered. Dreams are often forgotten, and during a unique dream you've never had before, you may get the sensation that the dream is actually a repeat. For these reasons, could it be possible that entering a dream state, you can spontaneously visualize a scenario and convince yourself it happened before?

The hypnotist said, "She's been going deeper and deeper each time." It could be that the hypnotist is really guiding her "patient" to unknowingly fabricate more and more "memories" each time. Perhaps the hypnotist herself doesn't even know. This scenario seems no less likely than that of being abducted, brainwashed, and remembering the experience later.

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