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Monday, July 28, 2008

Which People Know The Truth?

I saw a story posted in a forum about the apparent 6th astronaut to come forward and speak openly about the existence of aliens. He says they are real, and the government has been keeping a tight lid on the issue for 60+ years.

I wonder how high a normal person would have to rise through the military or government ranks before he or she could confirm (to himself or herself alone) that piece of information.

I would imagine that the higher you rose, the more of the picture would be made clear. But no matter what level you were at, there would probably always remain dark areas that you didn't really have a clue about. Like you might know there's a ship that crashed from space, but you don't know what kind of technology was found or salvaged, or whether the ship's pilots or inhabitants were found.

It would be pretty lame if the reason we're being kept in the dark is because if we all knew the truth, we'd no longer see the point in living.

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