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Monday, April 21, 2008

Ghosts And Possible Explanations

The other day I was looking at some interesting pictures on the internet. No, no, they weren't dirty. They were supposed to be of ghostly apparitions.

One was of a couple of people taking their picture for Halloween. Right behind one kid was this 9 foot tall tarp or cloth. It looked like it was just hanging there, draped over something. At the very top it looked like you could see half of a guy's angry yelling face, and the other half had faded away. The story goes that the woman living in the house noticed the power go out one day. Then she heard her youngest son banging on the cellar door, which she had locked. She opened it and asked him why he went down there. He said he'd wanted to speak to the tall man with the stick.

So they moved.

What if there really was a man in that house? What was he doing? Was he monitoring the family? Was he wearing stilts, and in costume for a parade? Was he walking down the street, waving and smiling, when all of a sudden he finds himself in some sort of vortex, severely disoriented, and then in a sort of hologram house? With a hologram woman and hologram kid? Maybe he thinks they're the ghosts.

Or what if aliens have some sort of cloaking technology where you can phase yourself into a different plane of reality and move about undetected (for the most part)?

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