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Monday, March 10, 2008

Who Was John Titor?

Was he a legitimate time traveler from the future?

Was he a visitor from the future of a parallel earth?

Was he a visitor from a doppelganger earth?

Was he a government agent trying to manipulate the online community?

Was he an aging computer specialist looking for a thrill?

Since his predictions as of two months ago have all been proven incorrect, it seems likely that he was a resident of the present-day, and not a time traveler. So why did he write those things?

Was it just one person, or a group?

If it was a group of people, did they know each other and plan ahead?

Or did one person create an identity that others assumed?

To what end were the John Titor writings posted publicly? Was a disgruntled screenwriter trying to stir up a reaction for his rejected screenplay?

Was an aging loner looking for attention?

Were a handful of whiz kids testing their persuasive powers?

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