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Friday, February 8, 2008

Will We Continue To Move Into The Future?

Many people think that old Millennium idea of the world ending still has potential to come to fruition on December 21, 2012. Global Warming, Nuclear War, Aliens, Sunspots -- there are so many options for how a major cataclysm or shift might occur. But what if "nothing" happens? We just keep zooming along as before...

Computers will get faster and faster, and slowly integrate with all facets of life.

Artificial Intelligence will likely be developed.

Clean energy will be mastered.

Interplanetary colonization will begin.

Nanotechnology will allow people to reproduce any item at will, including food, thereby eliminating poverty and hunger.

That same technology will cure all diseases, and perhaps extend the human lifespan by hundreds of years.

World peace will be achieved?

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